Health & Aesthetic Fair

Health&Aesthetic Fair approved by Dubai Tourism Ministry. IAHF is inviting all Aesthetic and Health sector companies to participate who will visit from MENA region countries. Dubai receives 20 Million tourists every year! Why in Dubai! • MENA region where as around 381mio population, people have lot of investments, companies and accounts in Dubai. • MENA region people can travel to Dubai FREE VISA • Dubai became a major travel destination center of aesthetic, fun and entertainment • Dubai offers more freedom for their visitors Why we are in Intercontinental Festival Arena? • Very well known and most prestigious venue in Dubai • There are around more then over 500 stores, restaurants and entertainments • There are awesome water, laser, light and fireworks shows • Unique location and easy access to World trade center, Dubai airport(4km only), Sheikh Zayed Boulevard and Burj Khalifa • 2000 car park • Free wifi • VIP guest and meeting rooms